HP Pavilion DM4, a 14 inch Laptop For Reappointmen

  • 2011/05/23(月) 17:40:03

HP Pavilion DM4, a 14 inch Laptop For Reappointmen

Today, laptops are not standard sizes. Among those with 13.3-inch and 15.6 have another measure that are 14 inches. So is the HP Pavilion dm4, the new computer from the Californian brand has been completely renovated inside. His brother, former HP Pavilion DM4 and bet on a Dell xps m1530 battery and had the same screen size. One difference is that the new technology uses LED backlighting to offer more brightness and sharp images and realistic.

The speed processors mark the second generation of the Intel brand, either a dual-core i5 Core or Core i7 four. The RAM can vary between 4, 6 or 8 GB, depending on the version you choose. If all this we add a graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6470M with Dell xps m1710 battery, we realize that this machine can run any application or game art. The design does not vary much. Has rounded corners and a line drawn across the housing. Another difference is the keyboard.

Now HP is like "chewing gum", ie has the rubber keys and a little separated from each other, so much more comfortable writing on the laptop. Incorporates a 500 GB hard drive at least two USB 2.0 ports, WiFi to connect to wireless Internet with Dell xps m1730 battery, DVD burner, webcam, microphone and a HDMI output if we want to see the content in a display that accepts high definition.

The weight is slightly higher than previous models, although it remains quite portable and has a minimum 6-cell battery, with a theoretical period of 7 hours. The operating system comes pre-installed is Windows 7 64 bits. Another important aspect is the price. For lower Sony vgp-bps2, which are powerful enough, no more than $ 700. By contrast, less than 500 euros. No one knows when they will be on sale in Spain, but it is estimated that approximately June 2011.

The rumor comes from those able to provide 3D content: Still, there is no smoke without fire, and the prospect of watching a 3D movie is more appealing on the screen of an iPad it will be on display 3DS: Nintendo should hurry to offer its video-3D before Apple does not launch into Sony vgp-bps2c. For where Apple goes. Mobile phones, computers, television screens. Devices that can provide 3D without glasses will become many, and make the current advantage of 3DS somewhat obsolete.

The HP Pavilion dm1 offers up to 750 GB of storage for photos, music and video, maps and optional GPS navigation, and a Blu-ray content. A battery with up to 10.75 hours' duration, a full keyboard type island for more comfortable typing. However, with no design change in four years, Sony vgp-bps2a may be time for Apple to refresh the look of its computers. It would therefore not have the opportunity to adopt a new material called Liquidmetal or carbon fiber.

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孤独な心 HP Pavilion DM4, a 14 inch Laptop For Reappointmen

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孤独な心 HP Pavilion DM4, a 14 inch Laptop For Reappointmen

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